Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Reading over at Ann's place... I find myself so often *there* with her. Its a good read....


If you haven't read the entries below.... I am blogging more so you may have missed one.

"Our Adopted Papa" ~ I posted last night.

We will be going to the beach for a week next month. We do this each year. We do not stay in a fancy motel or condo. Not that that is a bad thing... we camp. My husband is x-military so we stay at a military camp ground. It is on the bay.... This year we rented one of the cabins to stay in. We are excited. It is very peaceful. I always try to find a new book or two to read while there. We spend the mornings on the bay.... reading, walking and just relaxing.

I am thinking about this book~ don't let the words fool you. I do believe I have been called to be a mom. The review was excellent ....

here is some of what Leslie says in her book~

What I want most for my children is that they would be dependent upon God. I can’t make them God-dependent, but I can live out my own dependence on God. I can do this by letting my kids see my fatigue at times, my mistakes, my limitations, even my tears---and my fears! Let them see some of that, as is age appropriate.

if you’re superwoman all the time, they’ll not see your need of God. Don’t be afraid to just be human! Let them see you pray when you’re afraid, when you fail. Let them see your sadness at your own sin. Let them hear of your own struggles to live righteously. We can’t bring our children to faith ourselves---this is God’s work. But we can show them what it looks like to live as a servant of God.

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  1. Thank you Teena for taking a moment to even "think" of Joel. His grace has been extremely great, yet because we live in a fallen world, the pain in my heart exists each day!! I think that is so neat about the elderly man, I have thought too how neat it would be to have someone like that. A person that really enjoyed children. I know the grandparents do when they come, just thinking of someone close here. I am grateful you still keep up with us, it is encouraging to my heart!!

  2. All I can say Teena is thank you!!!

  3. Finally getting around to changing your blog on my Friends list, sorry it's taken me so long. Blogging hasn't been a huge priority for me lately, too much other stuff going on in my life right now.

    When are y'all going away for your time on the beach? I will be praying that it will be a blessed time.

    Love ya,