Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thanksgiving and my Girl.

Thanksgiving is just over a week away ....   I am excited as Lysa will be home. Her first time home since leaving for college in August. We have seen her several times when we visited her at her college but this will be her first time home! Lots of talks and hugs.....   we will watch the Gilmore Girls Reunion....  we will do our Black Friday thing but we do not buy much. We just go out in the middle of the night!  It is something we started several years ago and look forward to it so much.

Each year we try to shop at Fair Trade places so that our gifts give back.  Here are a few that we trust and love.

Mercy House Global  (this is where Maureen is.)

Compassion International Gift Catalog

Rapha House   (releasing girls in India from slavery)

I know there are others but this is just a few.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?  Will you be with family?  I pray that your time with your loved ones is wonderful and memories are made. I would love to hear from you. Not sure who all still stops by but if you do ... thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grace~ Teena
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  1. So excited that she gets to come home for Thanksgiving.

    We don't have family nearby, but this year we are heading to one of our favorite vacation spots with some friends. I'm very much looking forward to it!