Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jazzy and Alyssa~

On March 29th my 18 year old daughter, Alyssa (Lysa) flew to the Philippines! Literally the other side of the world. She had prayed and saved and talked about visiting  the Philippines since she was 12. You know when you sponsor a child.... you really sponsor their whole family! Lysa sponsored Jazzy Rain when she was 7 years old.... and now she is 12. On April 7th, Lysa met Jazzy Rain!

Jazzy's mom, Mrs. Priscila was so very excited to see Lysa.  This is her welcoming Lysa. I love how she threw her hands up in the air and said "I am the mother of Jazzy Rain!" She embraced Lysa and held her for the longest time!
 This is Jazzy's house. She lives here with her mom, brother & sister. Her dad passed away when Jazzy was a baby. Again, Mrs. Priscila took her by the arm and led her in their home. 

 This is Lysa handing out gifts to Jazzy and her family. She brought a Jesus Storybook Bible for her and the big book you see there is Narnia! Lots of hair ties, Uno, sandals and a dress and lots more!
 Mrs. Pricila made some special treats for Lysa, Joy and the Compassion team. Coconut drink, yama cake and other treats. Their refrigerator did not work so they used it for a closet.
Here in this picture above they are sharing their letters. Lysa brought all of her letters that she has received over the past 5 years from Jazzy and Jazzy showed her all of her letters. How cool is that? Letters are so very important. 
 They were able to visit Jazzy's Compassion project and the kids at the project were having a field day.
 Lysa took Mrs, Pricila, Jazzy, Jazzy's sister, Zaira Claire shopping at the grocery store. She asked Jazzy where she would like to eat lunch and Jazzy picked Jollibee's! It is a place like Burger King.

Lysa said it was a wonderful day. It was everything she dreamed it would be and it was heart wrenching. She told me about how they live in a one room house and we looked at the pictures and I thought about how I shut my doors at night and lock them but they do not have doors to lock. I thought about how hot it was and they had a small fan. How we are so comfortable with all of our "things" that make us comfortable. I cried a lot when Lysa shared with me. I thought of Jazzy's mom and how she wants the same thing for her children as I do mine. That our children will walk in TRUTH. She lives in her one room house and I live on the other side of the world in my house but our hearts are connected because of JESUS.

Lysa and I talk about how we will never be the same. I did not go with her but she allowed me to peek in.  I would wait for her messages and I would wake before dawn and pray. I would spend time in the word praying for Joy, Jazzy, her family and Lysa. She loves the people. She loves the Philippines and wants to go back.

Never would I have imagined when we sponsored our first little child, Ucok from Indonesia that God could change our hearts so very much.  A little 12 year old girl name Alyssa met some choir children from around the world and God broke her heart. She was forever changed.

You can sponsor a child like Jazzy!
Grace~ Teena


  1. So blessed reading this!

    1. Thank you, Aimee! I knew you would love it and thank you for praying!

  2. Thank you for sharing!!! I love reading here! I too have had our laptop fixed, so I'm just now seeing all of these details! I knew she went! My heart is excited for what God's doing in your family! Love you all!

    1. Thank you! It was an amazing experience and she is forever changed!

  3. This is so wonderful to read

    1. Yes, I knew you would enjoy it! Thank you for your encouragement!