Sunday, December 14, 2014

What's all this Talk about Advent?

It's time for Advent! I love this time of year. I love preparing for the coming of Jesus! For years we have participated in Advent. It has been different through the years and we have tweaked it several times but ....  we make it work for us.

I do post pictures of our activities and readings on facebook so lately I have had several ask me about the way we do Advent. I thought I would list several things we do.  I would love to hear how you celebrate/prepare for Jesus.

Years ago I used little brown bags and numbered them from 1-25. I put a little piece of candy or a tiny toy, pencil, gum etc.  We would read our Advent devotion (I have used several) and then they would open a bag.  This worked great when they were younger.  Wyatt & Wesley are 17 months apart and the years they were 2 & 3, or 4 & 5 for that matter,  it was about all we could do!

Then for several years we did the Jotham Trilogy books. They are really good. We would sometimes read another Advent book with it and I would over do and stress that I couldn't keep their attention or make it work.


For the past couple years we have been doing a Jesse Tree.  I first read about this over at Ann Voskamp's blog.  Jesus is from the lineage of Jesse.  She had an ebook I printed out with some ornaments and we started reading that ...    hung our ornaments on what we called a Jesse Tree.
We also do the Way of the Light Wreath.  So as we are reading we light a candle as we count down to His birth!
This year I am reading this to the kids and I am reading the adult book.

I started about three years ago doing 25 Surprises. Found the idea on my friends blog and decided to try it too. They love it. Each day/night of December all the way up to Christmas day we do something special.   KEEP IT SIMPLE.   I thought maybe they would be toooo old this year but they asked and so we are enjoying it.... making memories.....  
With older adult children.....  I know how short this time is. Maybe next year they will think it is too childish our "Advent Surprises."   We will also do a few service projects.....   we want to give to others.....   I want them to understand ....   this is what we are called to do and that it is usually by giving that we are the ones blessed.

So that's how we do Advent.  It works for us.  Would love to hear some of your ways....

Give yourself as a gift this year, sponsor a child!
Grace~ Teena

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  1. I love to see your posts about Advent! I think it's so great!!! With our little ones, they enjoy finding their elf, eat a chocolate out of each one's advent calendar, & roll back the days 'til Christmas in the mornings. At night they take turns choosing a Christmas book. I barely feel like we make it to all of the Christmas activites. Time flies fast here! We've begun Fun Friday for 2015 as a spin off from this. I'm being lots less stressed & learned that they enjoy the simple fun! :)