Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Georgia "Snow."

We hardly ever have snow.....  so we make our own version of Winter Wonderland.  The kids are always praying for snow.....   and .... the weather report said it is suppose to snow here tomorrow night and Wednesday morning.  We are holding our breath!  

Here is the Winter Wonderland we made twice last week!

I know I already posted some of these.....  but this was when it wasn't as cold and we tried to make it like Narnia!  If it snows I will be sure to take lots of pics!

Happy Monday!

Grace~ Teena


  1. I'm an hour east of Atlanta and we've already got 2 inches. Hope you guys get to enjoy the snow too :)

    1. Oh how I hope so, Hannah!! We are waiting....

  2. Can't wait! Hope it snows here!!!