Saturday, June 08, 2013

Please Pray Right Now~

For Maureen's mom..... Jennifer.   She had brain surgery yesterday and is in critical condition! Would you just take a few minutes and pray for her.  Will you also pray for Maureen, her brother, Austin and her fiance Oliver?  

Within 36 hours the money was raised for Maureen's mom to have the surgery! Truly a miracle.

15,000.....  less than 36 hrs .....  God is able.

You can read this post by Tracey. Worth the read....

A Time For Prayer
As of this morning.....  Maureen's mom, Jennifer is in critical condition. Her brain is swollen and she is in ICU.  Please, pray. Pray right now as you are reading... continue to pray......   share....  ask everyone to pray.

Our God is able.

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Grace~ Teena