Thursday, June 20, 2013

Emotions High.... God is Able~

As I said ... I will be sharing with you all this week about the Compassion Bloggers and their stories. Tonight I am sharing Christy's blog post..... her first day in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua... and Meeting the Child I sponsor

Also, yesterday morning I read Ann's blog post about meeting their Ugandan Compassion sponsored child!  It ripped me open.  Hop over there and read.....

The difference you are making in the life of these children is unimaginable. Don't give up.....

As we begin day 3 of Student Life......   my heart is full.

The Compassion LDP here at Student Life is from India. His name is Vicky. We have met and shared lots of hugs. He will speak tonight. He asked me to pray for him. He is 22.

When I think of Student Life I think of Maurine. She came to the USA in 2010 and she was the LDP sharing her story.  It was that year that God allowed our path to cross.  This weekend she and her brothers will bury their mom. Please continue to pray for them.  I introduced myself to the SL leader last night Jared Brown. Jamie (the family we stayed with when we met Maurine in Jan.) wanted me to give him a hug and tell him they said hello.  I did....  it was instant connection.  That connection is JESUS.  I asked if he knew Maurine and he said yes. We both immediately mentioned her mom. Then IMMEDIATELY we both shared how her faith, her strength in JESUS has touched us in such a mighty way!  BOOM!

So excited to hear the Compassion LDP, Vicky give his testimony tonight.

Sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena