Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Little Boy from India ... A Big Boy from India~

Each morning I walk into the Event Center here in Orange Beach, Alabama at the Student Life Camp.  Each morning I see Vicky (Compassion LDP) standing there at the Compassion table. Each morning I give him a big hug and tell him how happy I am to see him.  Today he told me he liked chocolate.....   so as most know me....  I LOVE chocolate so I will bring him some.
                                        Lysa & Vicky~

Each morning I walk in and see Vicky I think of several people I know who sponsor a child from India. I will share a couple of those tomorrow but .....   one thing that comes to mind is Shaun Groves. Shaun Groves is in Nicaragua ... with the Compassion Bloggers this week. Isn't that amazing. I love how God connects even the small things....   Compassion Bloggers trip to Nicaragua~ June 18-22nd. Student Life Camp/meet Compassion LDP Vicky from India, June 18-22nd!  Shaun  has a very special story...  about a very special boy who is from India.....

I've Seen Best Again

This week is ripping me open.  Tonight Vicky will share his Compassion story. This morning I asked him how old he was when he was sponsored.....  He told me 5.

So many lives changed through Compassion International, through your sponsorships, your letters.....

Thank you.

Sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena


  1. Awww, aren't formerly sponsored children the best?! I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Maria from Peru in May. She's so sweet. Glad you're having a great time! :)

  2. I always enjoy meeting previously sponsored children at Compassion events. I've had the privilege of meeting Olive from Uganda and Owen from Kenya. I'm also Facebook friends with a guy who's my age named Laurent, a previously sponsored child from Rwanda. It always interesting to hear them share stories and to learn just how much of an impact Compassion made in their lives.

  3. Thankful y'all had such a wonderful time!!! Glad you both got to go and enjoy together!