Saturday, May 11, 2013

What it is All About!

Our friend Kees (a Compassion Advocate that told us about Erik needing a sponsor) who travels to Bolivia every year and stays for extended periods of time sent me a msg the other day on facebook.

It scared me at first because he simply said

"I need to talk with you when you can."   I knew he was in Bolivia.

I sent him a msg back asking if something was wrong with our sponsored child, Erik.  He then asked if I could call him.

Can you say I was a little freaked out?

I called.. asked if he was back in the states or in Bolivia and he said Bolivia~how cool is that?

He told me that Erik was very very happy with us and that when they were playing a game at the project the asked who can name your sponsor and where they are from?  

Erik raised his hand and answered.....  Kees said they all clapped!

He then told me that Erik feels very loved. He loves our letters.  He then told me that Erik's sister Marisbel cries because she doesn't receive any letters. We have sent stickers and told Erik to tell her we loved her.  Kees said her sponsor doesn't send letters.  It is so very important for them to know how important they are to us....  to God. 

That night I received THIS on my fb ~
Today, I received a letter from Erik!

Compassion is real.  Changing lives ... one child at a time.  Remember, letters=love.  Send your child a letter today!

You can make a difference forever!
Grace~ Teena


  1. I love this! Erik is so loved!

    I would hope that all of my sponsored/correspondent children could stand up and say my name and where I am from. I do my very best to pour love into their lives through letters.

    1. I am sure they do, Kayla! Makes it all so real doesn't it?

  2. that is so beautiful teena! :) thanks for sharing this.

  3. We enjoy reading your posts! We've missed y'all too! Just been crazy busy here & enjoying Spring. :) So wonderful to hear how you can "see" & "talk" to Erik through Kees! I know he loves his sponsor!!!