Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh Yes! Isn't God Amazing?

So often we doubt......  or we wonder if ......  but God is bigger than all that.....

Aster has been sponsored! 

Some friends of ours .... decided to sponsor Aster! Isn't that great?  This is their first experience with Compassion International.  I know it will change their life like it has ours!  Alyssa is so happy that she will be able to see how Aster grows and maybe write her a note from time to time. She is a little sad that she didn't get to write a final letter.  It makes me realize over and over how important it is to write and the words we say are priceless!

We are so very thankful Aster has a new sponsor! We are thankful she will not have to wait....  we are thankful for the time she was with us....   we are so thankful we will be able to stay in contact with her!

I know I say it all the time......

Compassion releases children from Poverty in Jesus name!

I read a quote today on Ann Voskamp's blog post....

Compassion is always the rain that ends the drought......

Sponsor a child... change the world one child at a time! 
Grace~ Teena


  1. That sure didn't take long! I'm glad that Aster is now sponsored again.