Monday, January 28, 2013

What is REALLY Important?

Last week was a difficult week for me... to say the least. On top of regular life....  a friend of mine went to be with Jesus. This has really rocked our town. She was a newly grandmother.... she was such a wonderful, godly woman. She was an example of a Proverbs 31 woman. She was full of humility. She always smiled....   She would of turned 50 this year. She was such an amazing example to me... of someone who showed Jesus to everyone she met. My heart is heavy. I will miss her.

Also, Wesley started with the stomach virus on Sunday night and I sat up with him. Monday was a bit better.....  he was tired and slow ...  and we found out blood vessels had popped in his eyes. He rested lots and we prayed lots that no one else would get sick.

Through it all....  God showed me what is REALLY important ....

He slowed me down....  to get my attention!

So often I focus on the wrong things....

We are not promised tomorrow.....   our days are numbered....

Will be sharing about meeting Maureen! So very blessed. So thankful we were able to meet her!

***to all my regular readers/commenters... I reset my settings on comments because I have been receiving some spam and random weird comments. Thank you for understanding. Hopefully I can change it back in a few weeks~

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Grace~ Teena

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend! Love ya lots! Laurie