Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Than I Could Have Ever Imagined!

We traveled to South Carolina to meet Maureen! We were not sure how much time we would be able to visit with her. She was speaking at several events.
 She spoke to the youth on Sunday morning. Challenging them to be used by God... even in their youth. She shared how she was sponsored at age 7. She shared how she lived in the slum and sometimes wouldn't eat but once a week. She said her sponsor wrote letters to her....  and they would tell her she was beautiful and that they were praying for her. She said it gave her Hope.
Everyone praying over her after she spoke to the youth.

 After two yrs they were together again! It was amazing. Maureen is so full of Jesus ...  I can't even explain how awesome this was....  so very encouraging!
She brought gifts for us. The earrings that Lysa have on ... are from Kenya! She brought me gifts from her mom. It just filled me up....  what a blessing to be loved by her. She loves deep.
She brought gifts for Wyatt, Wesley & Dakota. You can see their Kenyan bracelets on their arms!
After church we went with a group of people to lunch with Maureen! I can not begin to tell you how open/friendly and full of love these *new friends* were. On Saturday night they opened their home....  and invited us in. It was a great time. Maureen spoke about what she does in Kenya....
 Then to be invited to go to lunch with them on Sunday was so wonderful. One thing (among so many) that I learned from Maureen is she uses every minute... she doesn't take it for granted. She is always glorifying God. Never complaining or grumbling. She just speaks JESUS. We talked about not being able to change others... only ourselves and what will our unsaved family/friends see in us if we complain, nag or try to fix them? This was just her and I talking at the table...  our lives have been so blessed by her. I know I keep saying that. I think so often we do not see the bigger picture.  I know I am guilty! By someone choosing her packet and sponsoring her...  almost 20 yrs ago and now she is a life giving/serving others in Jesus name. She is impacting so many in her country and in America!

Maureen is involved in two organizations. One that all of you have heard me share about The Mercy House ~ a home for abused pregnant girls. I will be sharing more in the coming weeks. The other one is very informal and I did not know fully about it. Maureen teaches a bible study/like Sunday School or VBS to children in the slum on Saturday mornings. It is called "Have Hope." She started with about 8 children and now it has grown to 42. She is reaching these children and THEIR FAMILIES! I will be sharing more about this too, in the coming weeks.

My heart is so full. It is hard to word just what I am feeling.... thank you for allowing me to share....

What an amazing weekend it was....   life changing... new friends made and forever memories! More than I could have ever imagine! Thank you, JESUS!

Change a Life forever.....  sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena


  1. her story of hope is so beautiful!! thank you for sharing.

  2. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to meet her - I know it's been a dream of yours. It's so wonderful seeing the pictures of you and your kids with Maureen. I'm sure this is the first of many times you'll get to see her face to face. And I'm sure this meeting deepened the relationship you had already developed through emails and phone.

  3. How amazing! Thanks for sharing! So thankful Maureen came into your lives! She is such an awesome example of receiving & sharing God's love! :) I'm afraid I have no idea about how God has blessed our lives in America.

  4. Wow! She is a wonderful woman!

  5. Sounds like you had an amazing time! So glad you had to chance to spend so much time with her. These are life changing meetings :)