Thursday, January 10, 2013

My New Year at a Glance~

Each year I set goals.... not resolutions... just goals. I ask God for a word. I plan out several things that I want to accomplish....

So for 2013....

I want to read:

Weird (finish it from 2012)
One Thousand Gifts (again & again)
Erasing Hell by Francis Chan
Explicit Gospel

I want to read to the kids~

Hobbit (finish it up)
Narnia (all of it)

I want to work at least two Compassion events.
I want to meet Maurine Owino (LDP graduate from Kenya).
I want to write our Compassion children at least once a month.
I want to give more... and spend less.... all year.
I want to capture beautiful moments, things, places~

Planning some neat things to do with the kids this year. I really enjoyed our Advent Surprises.... so working on a little surprise! 

Sponsor a child... change a life forever!
Grace~ Teena

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