Friday, December 28, 2012

The Week Between~

I love the week between Christmas and New Year.  I am one of those people who wait to take down my tree/decorations till New Years or even a few days after.

For me....  the month of December is BUSY. Even when we make a point to slow down.... we still have a few Christmas parties, activities....  charities....  shopping.....

So the week between Christmas and New Year is a week of:


for me.

You know those classic movies... we did not get a chance to watch....  or the Advent book (Tabitha's Travels) that we did not finish...

Those board games we received for Christmas... we will spend time playing & laughing....

I will plan some New Year goals....  look over school plans, books I plan to read, things I plan to do ... in 2013.

What are your plans for the week between Christmas and New Years?

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Grace~ Teena


  1. I do what you do - rest, relax and whatever I didn't get done before Christmas. I really want to keep my tee and decorations up longer, but today seems like a good day to put them all away...still haven't decided.

  2. I thought about taking mine down today too, Jill but decided not too. :) It is cold and cloudy/rainy. So the lights look so peaceful. Looking over my New Year goals. :)

    Thanks for your comment.

    Much love

  3. Just read this post & it's funny I did the same thing! lol We visited with family, played with new toys & games, traveled to Jacksonville, FL & ate at some great restaurants, bought books & read. I've been thinking about New Year's too! Thought I'd look over my goals from last year & see how things turned out.