Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Advent Finale~

We had such a great time doing our Advent Surprises this month. It really kept me focused. The kids loved it. This has really made me think about how often I *plan* to do *special* things with the kids and then I become too busy...  and put them off. So I am thinking of something different for 2013. Still working out the details but will let you know when I figure it all out....

We are NOT taking down our decorations yet....  we are still enjoying "Christmas" and spending time together....

May the JOY of the LORD be yours.......

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Grace~ Teena


  1. Yep, our Christmas decorations are all still up. Might take some of them down next week. I do like to have some winter decorations up during January, so some of my decorations will stay up until February. Makes for a nice transition!

  2. Last day of December & I just took down our decorations...kinda sad...a closure for the year. Looking for 2013! I started to leave my snowmen out & then thought who does that? Then I read where Yvonne says she leaves some things out...maybe I should have. It seems to liven the atmosphere to have something besides our everyday decorations out! Maybe I can buy some "winter" decorations on sale!!!