Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Day My Life Changed....

When I was 6 years old I started going to the project a couple times a week. It was so fun to go there. I met lots of friends and everyone was so nice to me. My sister Marisabel was able to go too. We sang songs about Jesus and His love for us. They told us how special we are and that God made each one of us. 

One day they told me I was sponsored. I was so excited. The workers helped me write a letter to my new sponsors. They told me their names.  I was not sad anymore.... NOW, I would receive letters too! I rushed home and told my mom. She was happy too.

I waited as they called out names for the letters....   longing for a letter ... wanting to learn more about my new sponsors!

I kept waiting.....   and waiting....

One day.....  the project worker told me that my sponsor stopped sponsoring me. I was shocked! I never received a letter! I didn't know anything about them....  

Delicia the project worker, encouraged me.....  she told me not to be sad... that I would receive another sponsor soon....

I waited and wondered if I ever would...

When I walked into the project in February 2012, Delicia walked up to me with a big smile on her face! She said "Erik, I told you not to give up... YOU HAVE A SPONSOR!"  She was so happy for me. I was happy too! Delicia helped me write a letter to my new sponsor. I told them how happy I was to have a sponsor and that I was a kind boy.  I told them I would pray for them.

I was so surprised when Delicia called my name just a few weeks later.... with a LETTER FROM MY SPONSOR! They sent a picture of them and their two youngest boys. They told me how special I was to God and to them.  They told me they were so happy to sponsor me! They wanted to know the name of my mom and sister.. so they could pray for them! My heart was so happy!

Since then I have received several letters....  sometimes two at a time! They send me stickers of cool cars with eyes on the cars! They even send stickers for Marsiabel and write little notes to my mom. I told them in my last letter that I was so happy that God let our path cross! I told them I was the happiest boy on the planet! 

I thank God for my sponsors! Here is a picture of me and my mom, sister and Delicia with letters from my sponsor. I am so thankful for them .... they have changed my life forever!


This story of Erik is true. We are so blessed by him. Not only is his life forever changed but our life is forever changed. We are so full of love for this KIND boy and his family~

There are lots of children still waiting..... waiting... waiting.....   would you change their life today... forever....  and start writing today! I can not explain just how much it will change the whole way you *see* life! Just click HERE to see who is waiting!

Sponsor a child today!
Grace~ Teena


  1. Teena this is great!!! I love that it is a TRUE story and that you are part of it. You are certainly blessing that little boy with your letters, prayers and love.

  2. That is so precious! God is doing a wondrous work in and through you, Teena. I'm so excited that you found more sponsors for the children at your latest event!

    Blessings to you my dearest friend!

  3. What a great post Teena! I don't envy the judges that have to read through all of our posts from this week!

  4. Such a sweet story that your family is apart of! It's a blessing how you touch lives! Love ya! Laurie