Friday, September 28, 2012

How They do it!

This is a group of Compassion children from Erik's project in Bolivia writing letters to their sponsors! I love how they take so much time and effort to make these letters so very special. We all know how happy we are when we find a cream colored envelop from our sponsor child/children.  Kees shared with me that sometimes they take 1-2 hrs writing the letters.  So very precious.

I share these video clips with you so that you can "peek" into the life of sponsored children. I have never met any of our sponsored children.... never been to another country (yet).  I do hope one day to be able to meet Erik or any of our children.  These video clips make it all more real.....   Hope you enjoy seeing how they do it!


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  1. I love this! The one girl who has the straight edge ruler out to make her lines perfect is my favorite. I used to draw like that when I was little too. My houses had to be perfect squares!