Monday, June 04, 2012

In Full Swing....

My boys are attending Winshape camp this week. It is the first time they have been to camp. They had a great day.... they are very exited and love it. 
Over 500 children.....   isn't this amazing?
Wesley is leaning against the basketball goal. He looks tired!   

So our summer is in full swing. We are still working on Lysa going to Student Life Missions camp in July. She is very ecxcited.  

As I count gifts on this Monday..... 

1594. Early morning with lunches packed
1593. boys so excited over Winshape camp
1592. our fence lizard~ Ziggy
1591. boys sleeping close together
1590. cooler weather on June 1st 
1589. red bird in the top of the tree
1588. His grace as I walk
1587. finally deciding on Heart of Dakota for Lysa
1586. looking for HOD books
1585. needing His grace...
1584. still thinking of Destin.

Looking & counting gifts have changed how I SEE life. My perspective has changed....  

While I may not always feel joy, God asks me to give thanks in all things, because He knows that the feeling of joy begins in the action of thanksgiving. ~Ann Voskamp (One Thousand Gifts)


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  1. GREAT quote from Ann! Glad you posted about how counting your gifts has changed your outlook! You encourage me! Miss seeing y'all! Love ya! Laurie