Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Really Matters~

   Our blonde Wyatt....  back in 2003.....    memories.....   how blessed I am!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I hope all of you did too!  I received several *gifts* that I just love but the best gift was their *words* to me!

You know as moms ....  for years and years we do our best and sometimes not our best, we make mistakes...  get angry... mess up....   and so on.  Through the years we may hear some negativity from family or friends....    we continue on ...  pouring into them.  We pray and ask God to lead, guide and direct us.  We pray for wisdom. We laugh and we cry....

Years later....  or even through the years we wonder....   Am I really doing it *right?* Am I messing them up? So when we hear words of affirmation.... it really touches us deep.

Michael (Mike) our oldest who lives in Florida with Amber his wife wrote,

happy mom's day to my mom/teacher/mentor/friend/hero. i would not be who i am today without her. love you, mom! — 

Dakota (just finished first year of college) wrote,

my mother is the best ever. The end

Lysa gave me a big musical card that when you open it a flower garden pops up... it  plays "Over the Rainbow." She wrote,

Thanks for everything! You don't even know how great you are. I love you! Have a great day.

Mandi gave me a musical card too....  that played "Wind beneath my Wings." She wrote,

Rain or shine, loving or fighting, your still my hero!

Amber (Mike's wife) also sent me a message saying, 

Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for being amazing! I couldn't .have asked for a better one than you :) You are awesome and I love you. 

I share all of this to encourage you .... what you are doing now.... will last for eternity. In Wess Stafford's book "Just a Minute" he says

"I have become convinced that if God stands a child before you for even just a minute its a divine appointment."

Being a mom is the greatest gift God has ever given me... other than His son. I am so thankful for each one of them. They love me in spite of my faults .....   God has blessed me more then I could ever imagine!

Thanks for letting me share....

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  1. So sweet! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Love ya! Laurie

  2. Beautiful words form you! Wonderful words from the kids!

    I am far from perfect, but thankful everyday that He let me be a mom!!