Monday, May 28, 2012


Our friend, Kees left for Bolivia on the 23rd. He will be spending 3 months there. He will be working in the Compassion project that Erik is at....

We are very excited. Kees loves to take pics and videos. He asked us to take a few video clips and email them to him and he would show Erik!!!

Here is one of the video clips I made of Wyatt & Wesley saying Hi to Erik!

I will keep you posted .....   I know Kees made it to Cochabamba, Bolivia! God continues to change our lives through these children, Compassion International and so many people who love Jesus and want to help release children from poverty.

I never imagined by sponsoring our very first child back in 2008...  how God would use that to change our whole perspective in life.  These children are being changed and so are we!

You can change a life forever... sponsor a child today!


  1. We will be praying for him!
    And will be watching for more updates...

  2. That video of the boys was so cute! I know he will love it!!! We will be praying for Kees & the project in Bolivia! Love ya, Laurie