Saturday, March 10, 2012

How it's really done....

We all look at our Compassion child photos and wonder why they might look sad, or not smiling... etc.

This is adorable. This is Jose... he is having his picture taken for his sponsor. The person taking the picture is called the sponsorship responsible. They are very gentle and patient with the children. 

Jose does a little dance when he is finished! 

Isn't it precious! Have you ever seen how they have their pictures taken? It really helped me to understand and I love being able to peek in to their lives.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. The weather here in South Georgia is beautiful. Flowers are blooming, birds out....  spring is here.

Give Thanks....  for He has done great things.
Sponsor a child today!


  1. Ok that was adorible! :-)

    Just catching up. Think about you a lot. Pray that you will not grow weary in doing what is right when you struggle to give up. Pray for me too!! I could surely use a boost.

    A couple of questions... What is the cutoff age for sponsored kids now? Our guy is about to turn 17. With a previous sponsorship they terminated at 16. Also is it appropriate to give him our e-mail address or personal address since he is older now? It seems like I should know this stuff by now but I think I'm really just now starting to have more of a passion. I wonder to whom I can attribute that to? ;-) Thanks for all you do Teena!! You are a real blessing to me!!

    Love ya!!

  2. Will comment here... and also over at your place. Thanks! First you are not suppose to give them any personal info. for their privacy and yours. Also age of termination....varies. You could call Compassion and ask. I asked about our little boy from Indonesia and it is like 22. I think each place is different. I am thankful your passion has been ignited. Not sure it was me... but thankful. I have an awesome clip to share...maybe later this week and you can see ERIK in it! It made it so much more real to us!

    You bless me too!

  3. I know that taking pictures of my own kids can be hard and frustrating. You can't make a kid smile! Love this little video!