Monday, March 12, 2012

Before You Know It.

I am reading several books. I have been reading 5 Conversations You Need to Have with Your Sons. A couple of years ago I read the one for daughters and now I am reading this one. As I was reading ... so much spoke to me. Our sons are only ours for such a short time. I have four sons. Michael (Mike 26), Dakota (who will be 19 this month), Wyatt (who turned 10 last month) and Wesley (8 for a little longer).

This quote really touched me...
Deep in a mother's heart, she knows that when it comes time for her son to leave, he will leave both physically and emotionally. He will eventually turn his attention to another woman who will become the recipient of his adoration. Of course our sons will still love us, but their feelings won't be manifested in the same way a daughter's feelings would be toward her mother. Our role is to prepare them to love another, all the while, enjoying every minute of the brief season when we reign as queen of their hearts.

I am also reading Wess Stafford's new book Just a Minute ....
I have become convinced that if God stands a child before you, for even just a minute, it is a divine appointment. 

There is something fundamentally wrong with claiming to love God without a passion to love people.

I am not very far into Just a Minute but Wess Stafford shares stories after stories of powerful words and how we can change a life... or how our lives have been changed by powerful words...

Our children....  are only ours for a short time. As I listened to my oldest lead worship a few weeks ago when we visited them in Florida...  my heart was full.  The gratitude I felt towards God for how He has blessed Michael ...  and for blessing me. For all the years I had with Michael...  my eyes filled as I thought to myself.. "wow, they went so fast."  I looked at Dakota standing there worshiping realizing he is on the threshold of "leaving."   I looked over at my two little boys... thanking God for babies in my 40's.  Now... as I am 50...  these two boys teach me over and over how to love.  They too, will "leave" before I know it.

As I count gifts....   writing down thanks...   I am so very thankful for these gifts God has given me. I often tell the younger moms that I share with...  "don't sweat the small stuff, talk when they want to talk,  read to them, hug them several times a day, laugh lots."

The words you write to your sponsored children...   last a lifetime along with the words we speak to our children.

Share your story with someone today... sponsor a child!


  1. I'm also reading "Just A Minute" right now. Love your insights on parenting! Thank you.

  2. Your words spoke volumes to me! I needed a reminder not to sweat the small stuff, and to put down whatever I'm doing and actually listen when they want to talk to me. I'm so thankful for you and the Godly influence you are in my life, Teena.

    I love you dear friend!

  3. So true! Our children are a blessing and really are not "ours"...I can't imagine the difference between parenting the girls & Clay. God is our helper! Love ya! Laurie