Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh Me of Little Faith~

God continues to amaze me. You remember just last week I shared about my sustaining longing...  and how God's grace carries me through... which is my word for 2012 GRACE~

A few days ago we received information about Compassion Sunday 2012.  Alyssa and I were excited and immediately put the dvd in to watch. My husband was coming through the living room and sat down to watch.

The boys watched too. Lately my boys have been interested in writing our Ucok and asking questions about others in need.  After the dvd... my husband said  "we sponsor a child from South America, right?"  I said "no." He said "how many do we sponsor?"   I told him and he said .....  "I thought I told you to sponsor one for me and the boys from South America?"   ~shock~

I went on to explain that I asked but he never gave me an answer.....  

It is so strange ... how God works isn't it?   When I think that there is no way that my husband will allow us to sponsor more or do more with Compassion International....   God shows me that it is in His time.  It is not in my strength or power....   I am not the Holy Spirit! I have to remember this in a lot of my circumstances!

So pray for us....  as we ask God to show us the child he wants to add to our family....  will keep you posted!


**God has shown us who He has for us! It is an incredible story.... so I will be sharing SOON!

Change a life forever.. Sponsor a child today!


  1. Ooh I have chills reading this!! God is good.

  2. I can't to hear about your new sponsored child!

  3. How awesome!! Can't wait to read the rest of the story! : )

  4. So excited for ya'll! Can't wait to hear about your new special little boy :)

  5. He is good all the time!!!!!!
    Cant wait to hear the rest!:)


  6. So excited to hear the rest of the story!!!

  7. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the story!

  8. Looking forward to reading more! Growing in Grace is the theme for our church for 2012. Grace = Unmerited Favor. Thank God for that!!