Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh Me of Little Faith Part 2

Last post I shared about how God showed me that even when I think doors are closed... it is in HIS time that He opens what I think is forever closed.

After my husband asked us to pick a child from South America...  we began looking at all the children from South America on the Compassion site.  We asked God to show us who He had for us.  I know that may sound strange to some.... but I think so often we choose the cutest, or youngest or sweetest looking. We pulled up the longest waiting ones....   Compassion now shows you how many DAYS they have been waiting! How heart breaking....  I want ALL of them! After a few more days I went to Our Compassion and shared about looking for a child in South America.  I was some what selfish as I inquired about projects that write often or send pictures. My two youngest boys Wyatt 10 & Wesley 8 have asked to sponsor one of "their own." In Wyatt's journal he wrote "I pray every night for the boy we will sponsor."

When I checked Our Compassion there were lots of comments. Several telling me about Bolivia....  and that an advocate by the name of Kees Boer works with that project and was looking for a sponsor for a little boy name Erik. Well, I looked Kees up on Our Compassion and the south east advocate network facebook page.  Kees and I chatted on fb and he showed me pictures of Erik, the project and even videos of that project!  I told him I would have to talk to my husband and my boys. He said to just email him and let him know.  He kept saying "Erik is a tenderhearted little boy.. very kind."

The next morning ....  I told the boys and they immediately said YES...    then they asked my husband and he said "Yes!"

Isn't God good.....  

So the next few days.... weeks.... I will be sharing pictures and even some videos!  Compassion is so amazing. I have never ever been involved with an organization that is more REAL, trustworthy.. caring and truly want to release children from poverty in JESUS name.

Official Compassion photo of Erik!

He is ours! Rejoice with us. We are so happy... thrilled, thankful. I love the children He has placed in our life...    

Oh and Kees Boer  plans to go back to Bolivia in May. He will be with Erik! How cool is that...  God continues to amaze me as He allows us to see His glory.  He allows us to share in it...   to Him be all glory!

Start your story today! Sponsor a child...


  1. Oh well, my goodness, how cute is he?! How old is he?

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, Teena. Erik is adorable. So cute!

  3. That's so wonderful!!! I'm so happy your family chooses to sponsor children. It blesses my heart. Love, Laurie

  4. This is such a great story!

  5. Oh Teena, thank you so much for pointing me to this post of yours. It is wonderful and just makes me wish even more so that I can sponsor a child of my own through Compassion!

    I love Erik, he is such a sweetheart and I hope your family will have a long and loving relationship with him. Erik is a very lucky boy to have received you to be a part of his family!

    God Bless your heart,