Thursday, January 12, 2012

My 2012 Reading List~

Each year I have a bunch of books I want to read.  I never accomplish all of them.  I do love to read and so I am sharing my list. 

Kisses From Katie~ by Katie Davis
5 Conversations You must have with your Sons~ Vicki Courtney
Radical Together~ David Platt
Love that Multiplies~ The Duggars
Give them Grace~ by Fitzpatrick & Thompson
Just a Minute~ by Wess Stafford
Hole in the Gospel~ by Richard Stern
Choosing to See~ Mary Beth Chapman

I also want to read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp again.

I know I will read Kisses from Katie because the church we are visiting plans to start a book club and we will go on the 16th for a meet/greet and then have a month to read the book. I am excited because I think this will keep me committed to reading more!

What's on your reading list.  Would love to hear what you have decided to read!

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  1. Hi Teena,

    You're going to love Kisses from Katie. What an amazing story of God working through such a young girl!


  2. I definitely want to read Kisses from Katie and Just a Minute! Our library doesn't have either yet, though.

  3. I just can't think that far ahead to plan what to read!! I guess I fly by the seat of my pants too much. ;-) There are books that I read at least once every year like Treasure Island and War of the Worlds. I've probably read Treasure Island 20 times--why I love it so, I'll never know.

    With money for books being nonexistant I'm rereading a few on my bookshelves and there are a few that I bought some time ago that I haven't yet read. If only I had a little more reading time. Nah! That will come soon enough. :-)

    We have no library in our county here at the new place and the closest one charges $80/year for out of county residents. :-( I cannot tell you how sad my children are!!!!!! Sigh. I've actually thought about getting a part time job at the library just to be able to check out books!! If only I had more time. Again, nah. :-)

    Love ya!!

  4. I have just begun reading more although reading has never been a passion of mine. 1000 Gifts will be my 1st for the year...hoping it will jumpstart 2012 off right!

    Love ya,

  5. Give Them Grace is a really good one. I am reading Because He Loves Me by the same author right now. I am usually reading 2 or more books at a time.