Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Again.. and again and again....

The Children of the World International Choir came to a church about 1.5 hrs from home. Of course my Lysa and her friends begged to go so we loaded up... and off we went....
We love watching them worship....

These children are from Uganda, Nepal and the Philippines.

Lysa's friends....  so excited as we were on the way! Claire, Evie & Hannah....

After the concerts we were able to visit with them for a few minutes. We love talking and visiting. It really helps us to think of others and see other children from around the world. All four of these girls have Compassion children. Their hearts are so open to loving and serving others.

This is Claire... and Stephanie. You can read where I shared a blog post about Claire's heart. Also she blogs too. Claire sells her eggs so she can sponsor a child through Compassion.

My girls worshipping with the choir! Also Rina is one of the chaperones. She is the youngest ever. She is from Nepal. My girls LOVE her. She loves them too!

See.....  Rina with the girls! She is so much fun!

Lysa & Rina... forever friends!

Change a life forever....


  1. Love these sweet girls! I see so much potential in their futures!

  2. Such great memories. Love Rina! Thanks for all you do. You are the greatest!

    Love you,