Saturday, December 17, 2011

Its never perfect....

We are reading each night from our Advent devotion. Lighting our Way of the Light Wreath~ Cradle to the Cross~ each night.

I find myself wanting everything to be perfect. You know the children listening and everyone quiet....  well, at our house its never perfect.
Sometimes they fall asleep during devotions....   Sometimes the dog barks or someone has to go to the bathroom... RIGHT NOW.  I find myself fustrated but have to remind myself...  that even with all the imperfections we are still making memories. Being real...  before our children and with our children will bring some imperfections in... lots of them!  Some we may want to forget but others we will cherish forever~

So as we do this life together....  imperfections come....  and it is when we can look beyond the imperfections and ENJOY them...  each one... embrace them.....
and give thanks~

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  1. I know what you mean. I want everything to be perfect as well. But, we will cherish the imperfect moments also.

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    So true. Thanks, Teena.