Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Thanskgiving... Life style not just a day~

This morning when I woke up...   it was to a nice gift.  Ann Voskamp from Holy Experience is giving a free app to "One Thousand Gifts."   Not the book... but the Thankful list.  It is a way for you to make a list on your smart phone and read little snippets of GRACE, JOY, MERCY, PEACE, THANKSGIVING

one thousand gifts app

Here's a few snippets~

"Wherever you are be fully there."

"When you are in need of a miracle, always remember, thanksgiving-the Eucharist-always precedes the miracles."

"Grace is to be given, just as Jesus did in his last meal. He did not receive grace but he gave it for us."

"It takes 20 minutes for your mind to know that your stomach is full. How long does it take your soul to know your life is full?"

"We can't expect joy all the time but look for it in everything."

Because Thanksgiving is more than holiday– It’s the Way to Wake up to Really, Fully Living~Ann Voskamp

So visit Ann and get the free app. I love it already! Thanks, Ann.

Give a gift that last a lifetime~ sponsor a child today!

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