Friday, October 07, 2011

My birthday weekend plus some unexpected surprises!

This past weekend we went to Orlando.  Yes, it was my 50th birthday. We went to Aquatica.. Sea World's waterpark. My sister gives us passes. She suprised me with this...

Brownie cake with frosting...  it was awesome!
She also gave me a Scentsy candle. I love candles!
Mike & Amber gave me this...  my words! Can you believe it? 


We are not real big on gifts for the older kids or adults. Maybe because I was turning 50?  I felt like each one gave me a gift that they knew I would love! Pictures, candles and my words for this year! How special is that.

Another great surpise...  we found out that my uncle.. was visiting from Colorado. He is my Dad's brother. Two years younger than my Dad. We honestly didn't think we would ever see him again as he will be 85 on Christmas eve. We saw him back in 2009 and my Dakota, Alyssa and little boys!" A spur of the moment trip He is not in good health. My cousin had a fish fry and we all went. He talked to Wyatt & Wesley and told them that they were like my Dad and him. Wyatt was 5 when my Dad died and Wesley 4. This was so good for them.

It was a great weekend. On Sunday we went to Grace Conway. It was wonderful. I am so thankful. God is doing amazing things with this new church plant.

I am sure I will share more...   my cousin did get some more pics of my little boys with my Uncle. Thank you for letting me share... the special moments in my life. I want to be real... so I share what is on my heart.

Grace~ Teena

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  1. Teena,
    Sounds like the Lord certainly wanted you to have a wonderful birthday this year!! I'm glad that it all turned out so well and you were well loved. :-) And loved you are!!

    Love ya!