Thursday, October 06, 2011

We can all do something!

I am sure by now all of you know how much I love Compassion International. How much WE love Compassion international. We sponsor a little boy from Indonesia and a we correspondent with a girl from Ethiopia. My Alyssa sponsors a little girl from the Philippines and correspondence with a little girl from Indonesia. My Mandi sponsors a little girl from Tanzania. My Michael (and Amber) sponsor Emmanuel from Africa.

I would love to sponsor more.  I often think about what we could cut out/eliminate from our budget so that we could sponsor another.... 

My husband is in support of the children we sponsor. He does tell me ... no more. Although when I couldn't find a sponsor for one of the packets I had... he said  "well, I could sponsor him."   haha...   seeing their faces just melts our hearts. 

My point is ...  sometimes when you are wanting to do more...   Compassion makes a way for you to do more... even if you can not sponsor or sponsor another one...

In January of this year...  Alyssa and I decided that we would go to the Compassion Sponsorship page, pick a place and pick two names a piece from the list of children.  We would pray for them for a week.  Then we would go back and look through all the children and see if the ones we picked were gone. 

Guess what?!  MOST of the time... they were!  One time an older child was still there....  so we kept on praying. The next time she was gone!  I know that doesn't always mean they were sponsored ... but a lot of time it does!

Some of the children we prayed for...
Jane from Philippines
Giovanna from Brazil
Franciso  from Guatemala
Erymen from Togo  (my birthday)
Reina from Honduras
Zahara from Uganda
Purity from Kenya
Marilyn from DR
Yasman from Brazil
Kwasi from Uganda
Daniel from Honduras
Ron from the Philippines
Antonio from Brazil
Dan from the Philippines
Isayna from the DR
Mariel from the Philippines

You can also speak to your church or youth group about Compassion. You could do a Compassion Sunday. Or you could speak about the Bite Back Campaign..  to help fight Malaria.

You can make a comittment to write your child atleast once a month... or twice a month. With Compassion's new online way of writing it is fast, easy and amazing. You can even unload up to three pictures.

Just some ways to make a difference.

Hope it encourages you.  Compassion is a wonderful organization that I am so thankful to be a part of.

Grace~ Teena
Make a difference today!

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