Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A letter from our little boy on a special day!

Yes, when Alyssa brought the mail in....  A LETTER FROM UCOK! YAY! It's been a few months and so we were so excited. We all gathered around.
His mentor wrote for him... 

a couple of things that really touched my heart.

My family and I thank you very much for the reply letter. I am glad and proud to have you and the family and photo too.

Thanks for paying attention to me and loving us.

I always tell him that we are praying for his family. I tell him to give his family love from us.

Today is a very special day because 2 yrs ago tonight we met a Children's Choir. It has literally changed our life. It has changed the way we see the world. We will never be the same nor do we want to be. We will always remember them. Never forget their names or faces. We still pray for them each night. We laugh when we think about all the funny things they said to us. We cry when we ask God to keep them safe and healthy.

I believe I am an Compassion Advocate today... because we met these 15 children and it allowed me to see a glimpse of the mission field. Plus Mandi's time in Kenya... being in contact with Maureen (Compassion LDP Kenya)...  God knew.  Dimmy in my life, Kristen Welch being so open and speaking into my life, following Kristen as she went to Kenya, reading as Ann met her sponsored child, Jill as she encouraged me that I can do this, Michelle as she gave great ideas and helps.... and Shaun with his life changing music.  Its amazing as I think back on these past two years. God is faithful. I am so thankful for everyone one of you!

We love you and miss you, Neybel, Aljane, Jackie, Venus, Aldrin, Arnel, Marvin, Evah, Jamira, Esther, Zam, Zahara, Pashi, Ashish & Thomas!

Grace~ Teena
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  1. Just love your story! Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. Such a nice letter. I especially love reading that he feels very proud to have your photo...that is just precious!