Monday, October 10, 2011

How she loves....

An amazing story....  when Katie was 18 she went to Uganda on a short term mission trip. She was class president, home coming queen....  but for her Christmas vacation she felt pulled to go to Uganda to work in an orphanage.

She is the founder of Amazima Ministries.  Katie is almost 23 years old now. She lives in Uganda and is mama to 13 orphan girls.
I can't wait to read her book! Alyssa wants to read it too.  I listened to an interview she did, watched a clip of her tell part of her story.  She was at Catalyst in Atlanta this weekend.  On the 15th of October she will speak at The Church of Brook Hills (David Platt/pastor) in Birmingham, Alabama.  I wish I would of went to Catalyst.  I had an opportunity to work a table for Compassion. Atlanta is a three hour drive ...  maybe next year I will go!

Hopefully Katie's book will come in the mail later this week. I think Alyssa and I may fight over it! Maybe we will read it together.

I share these things....   and so much about Compassion because that is where our heart is. God has called us all to help the widows and the poor.  Lately...   I feel I am speaking to the wind as many are not interested.  God continues to walk with me on this journey.  Several friends online  always encourage. I am so thankful for my two cheerleaders that are in my life...  ready to listen anytime!  Thanks, Alyssa & Claire. I love you. You encourage me daily.

Kisses from Katie would be a great gift for someone... or a book you might want to read and pass on. I am sure I will share more as I read it!

Grace~ Teena
You can make a difference too!


  1. I got mine in the mail over the weekend. I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to read it, but I'm looking forward to it.

    Keep speaking up - even if you feel like you are talking to the wind! We are here to plant seeds - God will bring in the harvest.

  2. I just finished it over the weekend. It will make you tear up every time you turn the page. You and Alyssa will love it!


  3. Thanks, Jill & Hannah, for your words. I am very excited about the book!


  4. Teena,
    The Lord gives us passions/burdens so that we can share because they are HIS passions/burdens too. Don't give up! The stakes are far too high!! I'm sure that there is a child (or several) somewhere thankful that you cared enough to share your heart!! You are making a difference!! (((((Big Hug)))))

    Just in case you haven't been back to my blog... All of the kiddos in the picture you commented on are mine (minus the older 2 boys) and my sister's children--"the cousins". It was a great day!! There were 14 kids and 5 adults there. S&H were having a baby that day so couldn't come! ;-)

    Love ya!!

  5. Yep....Cheerleaders. You are great.
    I love you.
    I can't wait to read the book.