Monday, September 19, 2011

Cool breeze... yankee candles and moods change!

The boys found me after my walk....  it was chilly here in South Georgia. As soon as the weather changes we all start acting "strange." The kids start talking about "FALL" and how everything feels great. They wanted to go on a walk so I walked with them too! My first walk was VERY quiet and my second walk was very LOUD. We tried to find the red headed woodpecker that I saw... but he was gone.

Our dog Skip always goes on my walk with me. We have a new puppy... one of Skip's puppies. Isn't this the cutest pic? They look just a like!

My younger boys ... Wyatt 9 & Wesley 8 beg for the older kids to JUMP with them. Most of the time the older "kids" are working, in college or moved to Orlando. This was a special treat for them... but it only lasted for a few minutes. Well, it was fun while it lasted!

I took out our fall decorations. My fall yankee candles.

Here are some of the comments from my children when the smells took over the house....
"I love this time of year!"~ Wes
"It smells like Christmas!"~ Alyssa
"Oh I love this time of year, the smells and wearing my leather jacket."~ Dakota
"This is my favorite year of the month!"~ Wes (yes.. he did)
"I love all this fall stuff, mom."~ Wyatt

I said...
"Time for pumpkin bread!"

How's the weather in your part of the world?

Grace~ Teena
You are only one person but to one person you could be the world.


  1. It's turning into fall here, too. Fall has always been my favorite season, but when summer finally hit here, I decided summer was my new favorite season. Now that it's changing to fall, I'm feeling all nostalgic and am loving the change (even though for us it means LOTS and LOTS of rain in our future).

  2. Teena,
    I had a good giggle at the picture of your boys!! It's just the same here. The other day all three of the boys were out playing in the back yard (in the off and on again drizzle I might add!) in shorts, bare feet with stocking caps, jackets and gloves!! I wish I would've taken a picture but I was in a rush. :-( Seems like I'm always in a rush lately. And not getting much accomplished.

    I need to start doing more seasonal stuff. I do it at Christmas and Valentines but it gets lost much of the other times of year when I'm just caught up in getting through the day/week/month/year. Gotta slow down!!! Gotta take some time to enjoy the little minutes!! Thanks for the inspiration!! <3
    Love ya!

  3. Sweat shirts, but yet bare feet. Just like I would find one of my children on a cool morning. We too are finding traces of fall in the air. Really gives a good setting for settling into our school.

  4. It was a great day. :)

  5. Loving our weather here in SC too! The dogs are cute!

    I love the smell of fall as well! It is like the reprieve before winter and I just love it!