Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two waiting.... maybe today?

You could be the one.....   to change their life forever.   You may be thinking....   oh but how do I know that the money gets to the child?  Or how do I know that he/she really get my letters? Or what all does my $38 a month actually do for the child?   You can read all about it at Compassion. Please keep reading...
This is Jared. He has a birthday this month... what a wonderful gift that would be for him to hear that he has been sponsored! He will turn 7 on Sept. 25, 20011. He is from Nicaraqua.

This is Susi. She is from Ethiopia. Isn't she cute? She is 4 yrs old. Susi is in an aids-affected area.

Through the past year Compassion has become more and more real to me. I have shared before ... but I feel led to share again and again. When my oldest daughter Mandi went to Kenya last September she met Maureen a Compassion LDP graduate. It was amazing. We all fell in love with Maureen. While Mandi was there she was able to meet Maureen's nephew Dimmy. Dimmy was 8 yrs old... I have shared his story here before. You see Dimmy was NOT a sponsored child. Dimmy went to be with Jesus in April of this year. In Kenya because the need for sponsors is so great ... only one child per family is allowed. Child sponsorship through Compassion International REALLY does change the life of the child.  

I always want to share Dimmy's story....  so that even though he was NOT in the Compassion program he is still helping me speak out on behalf of Compassion... in Jesus name. He told Maureen  "someone in America loves me now too!"  We loved him dearly. We miss him. We will see him one day face to face... when we see Jesus. Here is a letter that Maureen emailed me. Dimmy wrote it after receiving a package we sent him.

YOU could be that life changing person for Susi or Jared. It will change your life too. It is amazing. My kids talk about our sponsored children daily, we talk about helping others...  serving....  we are being changed daily.
his letter to me~
Dimmy with his package from us.

Even if you can not sponsor right now....   or maybe your parents, husband, wife.... are not in agreement... there is plenty you can do.  You can go to the Compassion sponsorship page and pick a few children to pray for...    after a week or so... go peek and see if they are gone! Alyssa and I did this for several months. You can put all your change in a jar and give a one time gift to the unsponsored childrens fund.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart.



  1. This is beautiful, Teena. Dimmy's story continues to speak to me - thank you for telling it again.

    I love your idea of just going to the Compassion website and choosing children to pray for. I would love to share this idea on my blog, if you don't mind. Or if you want to write something up for me, that would be lovely too.

    You are a blessing.

  2. Wow! I just read this... and I had been praying for kids already for about four days... 2 got sponsored!!!!!!! (: