Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wesley is 8... where does the time go?

Our youngest... Wesley turned 8 onThursday. Wow... time goes so very fast. When he blew out the candle he picked it up and said ....  we can throw this away now cause we will never need it again!  Wow.... 6 children and I will never have a 7 yr old... 6 yr old.... 5 yr old... and so on... again.... 

Have I told you lately... to grab hold of the moment?  Make a memory...   time goes so fast... it will be gone too soon!

Thursday was also 4 yrs ago that my Dad went to be with Jesus. The day Wesley turned 4.  Half of Wesley's life was lived with my Dad in it... and now half without him.  Lots of dates in July....  

For the past several years I have struggled with Wesley's birthday and my Dad's death date being the same. But I have come to realize that I am so thankful that God joined them this way. I know that may sound strange but I am. 

God is faithful...   His ways are not our ways...  

Happy Birthday, Wesley! We love you....


  1. Happy birthday to your Wesley. Time does fly and it makes me sad. My little on is 5 already and I'm the same way. I don't have a 4 year old anymore. I look at her and say, "this is the first last time you will do this!' And the first last time I will see it!! Sad!!!

  2. Ah Teena,
    Stopped by to say hello & yes, yes I too am in the first time for my child ...last for us! Ug!
    I spend lots of time trying to get Mommas that are young to think ahead...? Time marches by so swifty and you can not s=l=o=w it down! I have tried to re-think and instead if my tears of being sad...I am thinking look what we have had and have today! Not as easy to do as to type! :)
    I am sure Wesley had a wonderful birthday!
    I also feel for you on your Daddy...hard for us to all grow up isn't it...was there a class I missed on what to expect in your 40's? he-he!
    Thinking of you & yours and all you do in your minisry for the sweet children all around the world!