Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things are a little different around here~

Every year or so my husband takes a trip to Maine to visit his Aunt and Uncle. His parents and mine are now gone ...   he doesn't have a lot of extended family left.  My mil (dh's mom) was french canadian. She was a small frame, funny woman... with an awesome accent.  My little boys never met "Nana."  Her and my fil moved to Maine (from Florida) when our 4th child, Alyssa was 18 months old.  We didn't see Nana & Papa much after they moved to Maine. My husband would visit but we were not able to. When I was pregnant with Wyatt (2001) Nana came to visit. That was her last visit here.  After she died in Apr. 2003...   my fil moved here in 2004. He was here (had a little place not far from our home) til he died in Apr. 2006. He spent lots of time with Wyatt, Wesley & Alyssa...  our three older children spent time with him also but the three youngest did lots with Papa Ernest.  It was hard at times....   but I now am so very thankful for the time he had with his grandchildren.

The Aunt that my  husband is visiting in Maine is his mom's (Nana) sister.  So every year or so.... he goes to visit them and stays for a long visit. He did not go in 2010 but did in 2009.

So this past Monday....   my dh left for Maine.
He will stay for atleast a month. We spend time getting ready to start school, having friends over...   I am going to paint my bathroom. We know he enjoys his time with his aunt and uncle and we enjoy our time doing some special things too.
Bye, Dad.... have fun in Maine!

Grace~ Teena
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  1. A whole month! I think I would lose myself without my other half. But at the same time I can see how one could get much done around the house!! I pray his trip will be safe.

  2. It is lovely that he gets to have this time with his family. You have such a sweet spirit Teena. I'm sure you will get lots done while he's gone. It will help the time go more quickly.

  3. Wow that is a long trip. You are amazing not to whine about and have the grace that you do.