Thursday, June 02, 2011

My heart is pulled....

I am following the Compassion Bloggers in the Philippines....   their blog posts just touch me deep. Please take a few minutes and read some of their posts about meeting their sponsored child.... 

We have been praying....  (Alyssa and I) about sponsoring another child through Compassion International. We already sponsor Ucok from Indonesia and we have Betlhem (our correspondence child) from Ethopia. We are asking God to show us His will.

My heart melts when I see this little girl ... waiting more than 6 months....   Jhel 

She is 6 years old. So beautiful.  Becoming her sponsor will forever change her life!

We have thought about sponsoring a child from the Philippines...  we have also been thinking of sponsoring a child from Tanzania. Asking God to show us the child He wants us to have...

I am excited to read about the Compassion Bloggers and what God will do as they tell us all about the Philippines.

Join me....


  1. Aah, Jhel is a sweetie. Praying for God to guide your steps.

    I'm following the Compassion Bloggers even though it is so painful to see what they are seeing. But I know I cannot cover my eyes to it. I need to see and respond.

  2. She is so sweet! Praying God gives you clarity.