Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update and a New Blog...

I have a  little button in my side bar for Compassion Family.  It is a new blog from a great friend of mine name Jill.  She is a Compassion Advocate and has lots and lots of information and help about Compassion International.  She has helped me so much...  she really makes a difference "in Jesus name."  I am so thankful God allowed our paths to cross.   Check out her blog....  even if you do not sponsor a child from Compassion pop over there and check out Jill's blog and say hello. She had a drawing and I won! I am so excited. I won a Compassion T-shirt! How cool is that?

Update: on Alyssa...  her bump is better... we have also found out that she has exzema~ severe at times. Yesterday we went back to the doctor because she's had an ear ache since Sunday night.  He said her ear is impacted.  We have to see the ENT on Monday morning.  Thanks for all your prayers.

Also thanks for your encouragement and prayers as I continue this journey with my sustaining longing. Your words really help....    God's grace and mercy is sufficient.

We are continuing our reading in Amon's Adventure... it is very exciting. Enjoying our Way of the Light Wreath...  as we read we move Jesus and the cross around the wreath and we add another candle. It is so beautiful.

In Awana last night we made ressurection rolls....   they loved it and they are so good! Have you ever made ressurection rolls... the ones with the marshmellows and cinammon & sugar?  Yum! Very cool too as the tomb is empty!

A few weeks ago....   we planted this in our house for some color... 
 This picture below is how it looks now....  
April is one day away............    

May the JOY of the Lord be yours~


  1. Thanks for this and all your kind words. Let me know which t-shirt, what size and your address and it will be on it's way!

    You've blessed me too! Your encouragement and support means a lot.

  2. It is just gorgeous Teena.
    I'm so thankful to hear the news about your sweet girl. Praying for continued healing.

  3. Oh yay! You won a contest... how exciting!

    The flower is so pretty!