Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Our Way of the Light Wreath~ Lent...

My gift for Christmas was this "Way of the Light Wreath." You can use it for Advent, Lent and the Acension. I just love it. We used it for Advent... and then we packed it away...   I was a little sad.

It is almost time to take out our Wreath....  March 9th is the day to start counting down to the Resurrection! I grew up in the catholic church....  I always remember my mom talking about Lent but I never understood it. 

Lent: the 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday until Easter. 

When we celebrated Advent...  the marker we moved was a hand carved donkey with Mary.  For Lent we will set out a hand carved Jesus... carrying the cross.

We will read Amom's Adventure as we move Jesus carrying the cross around the wreath...   would love to know what you are doing the days leading up to the Resurrection.

May the JOY of the Lord be yours~


  1. I really want one of these, but just haven't coughed up the money for one. I like how you can reuse it for the different holidays, and there is purpose and meaning in it. Maybe I'll ask for it for my birthday...

  2. Hello my friend! I'm glad you get to use your beautiful wreath again!! We don't have one of those, but we did get the Amon book while we were in the States at Christmas so we are looking forward to doing that this year.We all need something to look forward to at the moment.......

  3. It is wonderful to turn our eyes upon Jesus, the Light of the world :)