Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This and That

From time to time I just share this and that....

Everything came to a stop this week as sickness hit our home.... FLU~

 Wesley came to my bed around 4am on Friday morning with fever.  Twenty four hours later it was Wyatt....  and just a bit longer it was Alyssa.   Feeling bad, and advil around the clock they still wrestle while in the recliner....    boys...

Needless to say...   we did not have school on Friday or Monday.  I made two trips to the store .. one on Friday and one on Monday for more fluids, advil, popsicles, soup....

But today everyone is fever free.  They have finished most of their school.  You know when sickness hits... everything changes and schedules are interupted but all in all...  I like slowing down. I do not like them being sick.... 

 On New Year's Day we went to Sea World.  We visited Mike & Amber (and my sister) in Orlando. My sister is a nurse but works at Sea World part time and she always treats us to season passes. It is a wonderful gift....    We loved petting the stingrays.  We fed them too! They were slimy!
              Wesley & Amber....  Wes was a little freaked out!
 Sea World was decorated for Christmas... lots and lots of lights.  These are the Christmas Trees on the water... I love the reflection.

beautiful decorations & lights...

On Sunday evening we went to Epic Orlando ...  the church that our friend Rick and our son Mike is planting. It was great. We were able to spend time with Rick & Christie's newest arrival, Trey!

 Dakota with Trey.  I loved watching Dakota with him.  It reminded me of when Wyatt was born and seeing Michael hold him.  Michael was 17 when Wyatt was born and that is Dakota's age.
Trey and me

Alyssa with Trey.

So today you can hop over to Tyler's blog...  which is a beautiful place and enter to win "Made To Crave"  ~new book (on the NY best seller list).  My sister gave me a big container of truffles at Christmas. I love chocolate... did I say LOVE. I love it more than REAL food!
Made To Crave  is by Lysa Terkeurst...  on Tyler's blog post you can even listen to a video clip. I have struggled with my weight for years.  In 2008 I lost 40 lbs. I honestly thought I would never go back to my "old ways."  I walked daily and loved it, I found new freedom... had a healthy eating plan.  Lysa talks about gaining and losing and gaining back 30 lbs... well, that is about where I am at.  I have gained almost 30lbs back. I am excited about Made To Crave. I first heard of this book from Shelli, on her blog. I love reading several blogs. God has blessed me with some lifetime friendship with several bloggers and I am so thankful for their encouragement and how we can come along side one another and share what God is doing in each of our lives.

Being really honest here....  I have really grown closer to God through social media. I know that may be a sore spot with some but to me it is a gift from God. We live in a rural area. We are about 23 miles from any given town and to be able to encourage and be encouraged, join in with others who are memorizing scripture or join in with a bible study is a wonderful blessing to me. I can do all that without leaving my home. Yes, I still believe in cooperate worship, I still get together with friends but I have been richly blessed by social media.  On the flip side... I have to be careful to not want to just "be known" or get LOTS of comments...  or lots of followers.  I have to keep myself in check. I do fall into the trap sometimes and God lets me know that is not the purpose of the gift He has given me!

I am thankful for this place that God allows me to share... and to let you peek into our lives.

Thanks for letting me share.
Grace and Peace to you from God our Father~ Col.1:2


  1. Thanks, Teena. And God has blessed me with you!

    I, too, have been greatly blessed by social media. I have learned so many things than I would not have known otherwise.

    Satan surely can twist any good thing into an idol, but as long as we are careful to keep it in its proper place then we can enjoy the blessing! It is so easy to fall into the temptations that you spoke of; we need to hold one another up and hold one another accountable. Let's promise that for each other!


    P.S. I hope you win the book!

  2. It is so nice to spend time with you Teena and get caught up on all your news. The trip to Florida sounds wonderful.
    I am struggling to lose about ten pound before my daughter's wedding in May. Like you, I keep gaining and losing. Perhaps I should read Lysa's book.
    I feel the same way about the social media. It has come to mean a lot to me too. I think the Lord is using it to bless many lives. As you've wisely said, we just have to be careful to keep it all in balance (something I seem to be constantly working on.).
    Glad the kids are feeling better. Have a great week!

  3. Wow...what a lot of great adventure and family time (o:
    We have had the cold that never ends and the girls have all had the fever thing too...must be all over the country (o:

  4. Teena,
    I'm thankful too for the opportunity to make friends with people I would never otherwise become aquainted with via social media. I love feeling like a part of their lives--and they a part of mine (even if it's a small part!).

    Glad that the kids are all well again!! Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing your life!! :-)