Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let me introduce you to....

 Betlhem....   she is 10 yrs old and from Ethiopia. We received her packet in the mail today. We are so excited.   She is our first Compassion correspondent child. We have sponsored Ucok from Compassion since 2008.
I didn't realize that this was even possible with Compassion. After reading Michelle's blog.... and how she has several sponsored children and correspondent children....   I called Compassion International and asked if we could become a correspondent.  They put me on a waiting list....   but just over a month later... TODAY... we received her packet in the mail! What a wonderful Christmas gift! One that gives back....

I am so thankful for these Compassion Advocates.... that have encouraged and shown me how we can make a difference...  how we can show them God's love.  I was reading over at Jessie's blog...  how she picks two or three children each week who need sponsors and prays that they will be sponsored.  She sees how God answers when she goes to look and finds out that they have been sponsored! Also, over at Jill's blog and how she shares about her sponsored children.

Today our life was changed... we have a new adopted child in our life. She lives on the other side of the world... but we will pray for her each day, write her letters and share with her about a BIG God who loves her.

From Africa to Asia God is gathering His people
bringing faith, hope and life
For His people He delights
Let our worship abound
Hear the joyful sound

All around the world let a song begin ...
Our God is worthy of praise
In every language it means the same thing
let us sing....  A global hallelujah!
(a song by COTW~ worldhelp)


  1. Yeah! So glad they were able to get you one. The two I met in Peru are both my correspondent children - well one of them is LDP!

    Being a correspondent quickly shows you that to the children, sponsorship is not about the money - it's about the relationship built through letters. It's about them having a friend who will write them, encourage them, love them and pray for them. Writing a check is the easy part - building the relationship is the God part!

    I have 5 correspondent children and love them the same as if I was the financial sponsor.

  2. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Yay! I got my first correspondent child a few weeks ago. 10 years old is a great age; she will be able to communicate much more than my 5-year-old Jose will. Happy letter writing!

  3. I bet you all will love this. What a great gift for the season (o: