Friday, December 03, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

 I love this picture of our tree... with the lights off except for the Christmas lights.... its very cozy and peaceful. We do not have a fancy place but I do love it.

One of the many pics we will take trying to get a good Christmas card picture.....   this will NOT be one...

We are enjoying this time of year.  We're doing Advent stuff all month long.  Some special activities..... too. I am trying to keep things "NOT so busy" as it seems like this time of year so many things are planned and we end up going here and there.... with not much family time.

Reading lots and talking lots about JESUS....  so very thankful for Wesley's decision to accept Jesus.He told Wyatt first, then Mandi and Alyssa. Lots of happy tears. We called his dad (dh)...  He called Michael & Amber, Mr. Rick.... Dakota at work....   it was so precious and I am so very thankful. God is always faithful.... He has given me His grace and assurance through the year.  It is extra special as we are preparing for the coming of Jesus and now Wesley belongs to HIM....

May you take time to just sit and enjoy this season....   may God give you His peace.

***to Kelly, I love your blog. I tried to comment and it wouldn't work... then I tried to email but that wouldn't work either.  Thank you for commenting. It is so nice to know that others are reading .... ***


  1. Your house and decorations are beautiful! I really enjoy sitting quietly with only the Christmas lights on, too.

  2. looks very cozy (o:
    oh the days to have the kids at home talking about jesus and doing advent...enjoy (o:

  3. Beautiful. :) You have beautiful kids too

  4. Teena,
    Wow! Your tree and house look just beautiful!! And so does your blog background!! :-) Love the pic of the kids and got a good giggle out of Wesley's expression! I have one of those children who cannot make a normal face when a camera is pointed in his direction (which is why he has a very old picture still on my sidebar!). :-) Lots of Love! Kris