Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Having older children and younger children....

**** this is NOT the surprise....  I will go ahead and tell you it is NOT that I am pregnant, going to be a grandma (not yet anyway), or my husbands or Wesley's salvation.   I am praying that Wesley will come to Jesus. He is asking some but just doesn't seem to grasp it yet.  As for dh....  just keep praying.

I shared back a long time ago....  about how my children do not have any grandparents left.  My mil died in 2003, my fil in 2006, my Dad in 2007 and my Mom in 2008. Years ago when my parents would come to visit my three oldest children would wait in the yard for them to come down the road....   they would scream and jump up and down.  I miss Wyatt & Wesley not experiencing that with my parents...   my Dad would always honk the horn....  it was a big thing!  Alyssa remembers some....   but the little boys do not.

On Monday Michael & Amber came to visit! They moved to Orlando in June.  We have went to see them but this was their first time back to see us. The boys kept asking how many days...till Mike & Amber come? How many hours.... how many minutes...  they waited in the yard....  climbed the tree looking for their car...

That night we went to Wesley's football game. Amber made shirts....  it was fun.  Wes thought it was great! 

It was a lot of fun.  Again, Wes is the first of our six to play football....   our older boys.. Mike & Dakota think that is awesome. 

I will share more pics tomorrow.....   hope you enjoy.

Mike & Amber will leave in a bit....   so soon we say goodbye.

Life continues to change.....    sometimes I do not do well with the change but it is all part of life. God is faithful.  He continues to pour His grace and mercy on us.


  1. I'm so glad they get to visit and that they could see the game! Will keep praying about the other things. Can't wait to see what the surprise IS!!

  2. How sweet
    I remember how my 8 year old missed his college sister and would wait for her return (o:

  3. Life does continue to change,and sometimes it's bittersweet, but looks like they all had a great time and I love the shirts! hehe

  4. Teena,
    I'm right there with ya. Not the same circumstances of course but with the bittersweet memories of "things that will never be" for our younger children, etc... Life continues to move on whether I want to or not. And sometimes I just wish that I could go back in time until some little thing happens that makes me so happy to be where I am now. :-) I just have to trust in the Lord to take me through each season and be thankful for all of the days He allows me to live and serve my family.

    Looking forward to "the surprise" :-)
    Love ya! Kris