Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still at the beach....

Tomorrow is our last full day. We will head for home on Monday. I think this is the longest we have stayed here.

This morning I made a traditional run to Krispy Kreme. Each year we go to Krispy Kreme to watch them make the glaze donuts. This year it was just the little boys and me.... we left everyone else asleep. The hot & ready glaze ... melt in your mouth! YUM!

Last night we spent about 2 hrs in Barnes & Noble. It was great. I think every home schooling mom loves books. The kids just sat around in the children's area and read books. I bought Angie Smith's book "I will Carry You" plus I bought "The Mouse & the Motorcycle" to read to the kids. I bought Alyssa "Pollyanna" to read. I had a friend who told me how when they lived in an RV for over a year.... and had 4 small children she would take them several times a week to Barnes/Noble and they would just read and read. We often talk about how she believes they learned more that year than all the others! I love book stores.... My Dakota said "Mom, you have been in the children's section the whole time!" ~ what can I say.

So many of you... encourage me so. I thank you. I was reading several of your blogs and they just make me smile... give me encouragement.... I am grateful for this blogsphere.

I haven't started "I will Carry You" yet.... but I have another tab open while I am typing this. It is Angie's blog... "Bring the Rain" the song playing is "Bring the Rain" it is beautiful. I think about so many that are hurting. My friends whose daughter, Katie (16 yr old) ~was killed in a car wreck less than a week ago.... Michael & Holly Phelps who have lost their 2nd child in the last year. Another friend ... who is carrying a child and hoping for a miracle. Only God can bring peace & healing. May God give each of them strength.

This week I have had some time to think.... read... spend time with my children.... life is short. May we glorify God in all we do.


  1. The ocean and a book store - to my way of thinking it just doesn't get any better than that! Enjoy every minute of this last day.
    I just finished reading Angie's book. You will love it.
    It is sometimes overwhelming to me - all the hurt going on in our own lives and the lives of others. I don't know where we would be without the Lord.
    This was a wonderful post. Have a blessed day Teena.

  2. We LOVE Mouse and the Motorcyle!! We even just listened to it on cd. Extra good.

    We lived in an RV for nearly 4 yrs with 8 children :-0 It is by far the most favorite time our children remember. They all want to go back :-0