Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Something I had forgotten....

2004 ~wow, we do not have a 1 yr old, 2 yr old and probably will never have again....

In all of these pictures.... something is different .... just looking at how fast life continues to change.....

My boys were 3 & 4 in this pic.... the swords are broken and gone.... in their Daniel Boone caps.... and their cap guns & swords. 4/06

As my children get older .... life continues to change..... I am growing older and my brain sometimes forgets important things.

Alyssa & Wesley 2005.... her teeth are in!

Not everyone would think what I forgot was that important but I realized yesterday just how important it really is.....

Dakota on the trampoline... he has grown at least 3" ~

Yesterday several of us older moms had a meeting with the admissions director of a local college to ask questions about what is needed for our high schoolers to enter college. Dakota dropped me off and then went to a writing class. Afterwards we went to verizon because my phone was acting up.... then we went to wmart (of course we can not go to town without wmart! grrr) and on the way home I treated him to Quiznos. Just Dakota & I..... On the way home he said "this is how it would be if I was an only child, it is nice... peaceful." I reminded him that it would be lonely, that wasn't nice to say and think of all he would miss! He said "I know you are right... I would miss Mike LOTS.... and the little boys.... and the girls a little! lol" Then he said "I like it though~ it is nice just you and I."

Wesley & my Dad.... my Dad is in heaven & Wesley has lots of hair now!

The last couple of weeks .... we have had fever, congestion and made several trips to the doctors. Once with Alyssa.... then with Wyatt..... each time both shared with me.... how much they enjoyed JUST BEING WITH ME. Wyatt even said "it is like a mommy-date."

our road is now paved..... we really miss our dirt road.......... Alyssa & Wyatt playing on a rainy day~ 2005

Wesley & our little dog Peanut (2004)... Wesley hair is short now and Peanut is gone....

Dakota with Papa & Nana (dh's parents) back in 1995.... Dakota was 2. Both are with the Lord.

I need to take the time.... and have one on one time with each one. I did this several years ago but as they have grown older .... I guess I just forgot how important this really is. Taking the time as we run to town for a few things... making it special by stopping by for an ice cream or snack of some kind. They share whats on their heart.... I am missing a blessing by forgetting to do this. I am so thankful for my children.... next year at this time... Dakota will be preparing for college.... just this past week he started working at a friends shoe store. It is a great enviroment..... and he is learning how to repair shoes, make belts and lots of things. He is really enjoying it.

In this picture.... five of these children are NOW married, two have graduated from home school, two will graduate next year.... only one of these children will be still home schooling in three years... all the others home schooling journey will be finished.

My time is running out.... things are changing as each one comes to the end of our home schooling journey I need to remember what is important, take the time, grab hold of the moment and make a memory!


  1. Teena,
    Last night I was going through all our pictures that I store in a big wooden box. I'm looking for pictures to scrapbook and journal of Scott for his wedding. Funny, as I was looking through them I was hit pretty hard at how fast life changes. Seems like things are so hard right now and I wished that I could travel back in time a bit to relive some of the happier times (which back then seemed hard too!!). I miss the simplicity of the children all being younger. But life goes marching on. I know that (hopefully) I will look back someday at this phase of life and miss the craziness of it all.

    And yeah, my kids all clamour for my undivided attention too. :-) Lately it feels like all of my children are an only child!! Very demanding. Go figure.


  2. OK
    So take the time right now to get out the calendar and make a date for each one...your hubby should too.

    With my 4 granddaughters, I so love having them over night one at a time. If you have all four it is like damage control the whole time... Grammy tends to get a little stressed (o:

    My youngest son is 10 years younger than my daughter and almost 8 years younger than his brother. He thinks it was cruel of me not to have another kid to be with him (o:

  3. I had forgotten that Wesley was such a chunky monkey!! Oh, those were the days!!

  4. Teena~ THank you for always being so encouraging on my blog. I love the picture of all the children lined up on top!!! Very sweet. I like the other ones too. Blessings


  5. Teena, I got teary as I looked at the pictures of your children from years past and read your comments about how they've grown up and 'put away their toys', so to speak. We had a crazy busy day getting family pictures made, organizing in the basement, working in the yard, and cooking/baking for company tomorrow. Lots of good stuff, but I fear I didn't take the time to enjoy my children. Thanks for the important reminder that these days are fleeting. :)