Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Just some pics~

This was taken the week of Thanksgiving. Mandi was home from college. It was a wet, cloudy day.... very fall-ish looking.

Dakota jumping off the light post..... Wyatt looking on~ Dakota is our 16 yr old. He is a junior this year. He is searching and worrying about what God wants him to do.... He is our most quite one. He is a deep thinker. He is our drummer.... he plays for our praise band and for our orchestra.
Alyssa with our kitty.... we call her kitty.... sometimes Stripe.... but mostly *kitty* Alyssa is 12. She is becoming a young lady but still my girly girl. She has been touched by missions this fall. Her heart was opened when the Children of the World International Choir came to our church....but so much more than just that.... I know God has worked in her heart.

Mike & Amber.... my oldest and his wife... they live about 1.5 hrs from here. We see them at church and they visit a lot. We are so proud of them. Mike is director of admissions at Brewton Parker College in Mt. Vernon, Ga. Amber works at a monogramming shop. Mike wants to church plant and is waiting on God's timing.

Mike & Dakota sword fighting..... all four boys will do this often. On the trampoline lots of time and in our living room! It gets pretty loud and crazy.... my little boys love it. Sometimes we have to tell the bigger guys to not be so rough with the little guys ;)

Our youngest... Wesley. He is 6. Likes to play rough... talks a lot. Still loves his cuddles from mom but just not as often. He was born 22 yrs after dh and I were married.... his oldest brother was 18. He will grow up with out grandparents.... so different then our other children. He was born when I was almost 42. I am so thankful God blessed me with these two boys ... in my 40's. Life is full..... crazy at times but I am grateful.



  1. What a lovely family you have Teena. They are each so special.
    I'm so glad you were all together for Thanksgiving.

  2. That was a great get to know your family post.
    My youngest som (22) was born when my daughter was ten and son was 7. It was defiantly like having 2 families. Wish I would have been smart enough at the time to go ahead and have one more.
    My daughter started liking missions when she was young and ended up traveling all over the world...lived two years in Kabual. She is here in the states now.
    Older son was a minister for 3 years, now he owns his own company.
    Youngest got a degree in youth ministry... but is trying t be a cop.

  3. Looks like you have "guys" that do guys things too!!!! I have not done an advent calender, I might check it out!!

    How are you doing??? ere is need to talk or write:)

    Love ya!!!!


  4. Good to "meet" you family!

    I came over from Cindy's blog.

    Your Wesley has beautiful brown eyes. Everyone, except my three year old, has blue eyes here. So I enjoy something different! lol!

    Take care!

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