Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost here.... Come Let us Adore Him....

My computer has been acting up.... each time I come to post.... my computer says "error" so fustration sets in and I give up. I have tried a number of times....

I am so thankful.... that He doesn't give up on me... and when I become weary... He is still there. He continues to give me grace.

Almost all ready....

We are having our Candlelight service tonight instead of on Christmas Eve. We will be home tomorrow.... and not having to go anywhere. Today we are here til time for the service. Dakota will play in the orchestra, Mandi will sign a song.... Alyssa is *Mary* in our nativity play... and Wyatt is a shepherd. Wesley doesn't want to *be anything.*

Michael & Amber will spend Christmas Eve with her family.... and come here late tomorrow night. I am so thankful for Amber... she is so content and such a helpmeet to Michael. I wish I would of known what they know... when we were married 29 yrs ago.

I want to share some of our Christmas pictures with you....
but first want to share about the Children of the World coming back to our church and how it ministered to Alyssa (and all of us). I think I will post our Christmas pics here and then maybe tomorrow... or after Christmas I will share about the COTW. Although ... I do want to share how this 12 yr old is not looking under the Christmas tree for presents.... there isn't any YET with JUST her name on them. I have a few to wrap... one of those is being made and will not be ready til tomorrow. She hasn't asked or looked. It isn't important.... I asked her today while we were doing chores... why she hasn't looked. She said "oh.... it doesn't matter really.... I already got my Christmas presents...." She is thankful that God answered her prayer and allowed the COTW to come back.... she KNOWS they will remember HER name.... like she will remember THEIRS. I am grateful.... thankful. God is faithful. She is praying for snow in Alabama... for the COTW .. because they have never seen snow. She hasn't either but that doesn't matter.... she's asking God to allow them to see snow.. all together.

So this Christmas.... things look a bit different to her and I. We can connect eyes across the room and I know what she is thinking....

When she sings "He's got the whole world in His hands....." it is REAL to her.

Tomorrow we will make our gingerbread house....

It will just be US for Christmas..... another year without grandparents.... my sister will not be able to come. I am thankful that the Lord gave us six children.... even with just us... it is still a house full and lots of laughs and fun (craziness too!).

Make memories.... for they last forever....

(after working on this for about 30 minutes.... my computer froze up and I lost most. So I try again and it seems to be freezing up again. The joys of dial up..... it is not offered in our rural area YET. Pictures wouldn't load so giving up for now. :( )


  1. Teena,
    I'm so sorry that your computer/Internet is giving you such a hard time!! I KNOW how frustrating that is and sometimes can't believe how I can get worked up about how "slow" my high speed goes now and then. :-P We still have dial up at home but I can't bear to use it since I just don't have the time for it!!

    If money was no concern I'd buy you a new computer and one of those handy dandy high speed usb devices that Josh uses on his computer. Pretty cool!

    I LOVED the picture of your boys!! You're like me. You have two groups of guys--little and big. Mine is three and three. Soon Jordan will close that gap and be one of the big boys.... Sigh. And all of my girls are taller than me now. Everybody longs for a baby girl now. :-) If the Lord ever blesses us with another I know that she would be spoiled beyond rotten!!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your pics and read all the other stuff that you will hopefully be able to repost.

    Merry Christmas Sweetie!!! (((Hugs)))

  2. Merry Christmas, Teena!!!!

    May the Lord fill every inch of your heart with HIS storehouse of grace and joys and blessings and protections and provisions and all you desire according to His riches in glory.

    You are a dear friend!!!!!!