Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 days and counting........

Making my Christmas candy.... coconut balls & peanut butter ones. Going to make my Grandmothers and my Dad's fruitcake next week.... plus my aunt's awesome apple cake. I am going to a cookie swap tomorrow night... trying to figure out what kind of cookies to bring....

as I said ... busy busy.....

This Sunday the "Children of the World" will be back at our church! I have a 12 yr old who is counting the days! We are so very excited.

We are continuing with our Advent.... preparing our hearts for His coming....

Reading over at Ann's Holy Experience wonderful how she brings HIM to us... each day.

Would love to hear about the plans/activities going on at your home...

May the JOY of this SEASON... of JESUS... be yours...


  1. All of your activities sound wonderful. I miss having the kids home - an empty nest can be rather quiet sometimes. I have purposed to walk quietly and slowly through this Advent, and I am doing just that. It is good.

  2. I too am going to a cookie exchange on Friday night. I have to take 7 dozen cookies, it should be a fun evening. We are busy getting ready for Christmas. Even though I picked up my Christmas cards early I still have not even begun to work on them. Every year I say I'm going to slow down and I just don't do it. I'm so very tired right now, needing the joy of the Lord to be my strength.

    Love ya,

  3. Sounds like lots of fun.
    I just am not going to do the cookie thing this year.
    Actually I feel so relieved about making that decision.
    If I could only sample all the ladies in blog land that I have read about... oh my.. well I guess it is a good thing I can't. To much of a good thing.