Friday, August 14, 2009

Some of the hard things.......

On Tuesday morning..... Mandi, Alyssa and I drove the 200 miles to take my Mandi to college. WOW~ I can't believe it. But I can.

God is faithful and sometimes when we are not sure of things He is.... when we wonder if this is it.... He doesn't. For He knows the plans He has for us.... Jer. 29:11

I am very pleased with the enviroment & atmosphere. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. Her dorm is brand new... like a huge house.

Alyssa and I took her to supper.... our favorite place "Olive Garden." Then we went to walmart for snacks and several other things she would need.

Saying.... goodbye.... oh now that was very very hard.... Mandi and I are best friends.... the last few days have been hard. I have a peace.... but still hard. We miss her. I home schooled her for thirteen years. Where did the time go?

A friend said to me the other day "looking back... I wish I would of hugged them more, not been so critical, read more.... laughed more..... "

May I encourage you today..... grab hold of the moment for tomorrow it will be a memory and before you know it.... this *season* will be over.

I am thankful for you stopping by and your wonderful comments~


  1. Praying for you my friend. I remember going off to college and leaving my Mom. We too are best friends and still speak almost daily. It was even harder on her when I moved to England! At first we only spoke once a month because the calls were sooooo expensive and we had NO money! Now we speak all the time, but I still miss her like crazy and when she first sees me she hugs me like she won't ever let go!

    Thanks for reminder to make the most of today. I think I'll get the reading book out now, the sofa seems to be calling me............

  2. Teena thanks for that encouragement. You made me cry! I do want to be able to look back and have no regrets about not hugging or laughing enough. God Bless you as you move into this new stage with your daughter.

  3. You always make my heart happy when you tell me to keep sharing about Joel, sometimes I fear others get tired of my pain, but its there, under the surface and I just have to talk....thanks for the encouragement and freedom!! WOW!! Seasons come and go, don't they, you have done a great job with your daughter, its just a new era and I know your relationship will continue to develop as she faces "new" things too. Your one step ahead on getting the older ones, one married off. sometimes I wonder who they will marry? Right now there are not alot of options :) I so want them to have a godly, lovely wife and want them to live happy ever after and have a beautiful relationship, with God its possible, I get a little anxious sometimes.... all in His time, I know!!
    I sure wish we could meet ...maybe someday!!
    You are dear to my heart....

  4. This touched my heart Teena. These life changes are so hard - this letting go. You are right - the years go by so quickly. Our nest is empty these days and we watch in wonder and love as our children raise their children. Each season of life has its joys and sorrows, but I think it is the knowing Him that makes it all good.
    I pray He will fill you with joy and peace and bless this time for your sweet daughter.