Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Sunflowers....

Last night the kids and I went down the road to a field of sunflowers. It is so beautiful. The sun
was setting.... and we took lots of pictures. The kids played hide & seek. It was so neat... they
would run through the field and I couldn't even see them!

Breath taking....

I love sunflowers.....

simple things.......

May we see HIS glory ... even in the simple things....


  1. Oh yes Teena - simple things. I love watching the little birds come to drink from our bird bath or hummingbird feeder. If we have eyes to see, the Lord just fills our lives with abundant blessing.
    I've added you to my bloglines so I'll know when you post. You're a blessing!

  2. I would love for Anna to get hold of that sunflower field with her camera!! That is stunning, what are they going to do with it??

    I never tire of your comments, thrilled your still hangin' with us!!


  3. The sunflowers are just gorgeous! God is so amazing! You are right, Teena, the simple things can bring us so much joy if we just take the time to stop and enjoy them. I like to sit at my kitchen table and watch the birds come to my feeders and birdbath, too. It is simply amazing how peaceful I feel doing that! We sure do get it backwards alot in this crazy, mixed-up, rat-race we sometimes get caught up in! Thank Jesus that He does give us eyes to see the joyous creation He so generously shares with us!!